MirBSD manpage: elf2olf(1), olf2elf(1)

ELF2OLF(1)                   BSD Reference Manual                   ELF2OLF(1)


     elf2olf, olf2elf - convert between ELF and OLF object module format


     elf2olf [-v] [-o opsys] module [...]
     olf2elf [-v] file [...]


     The elf2olf utility reads the specified ELF version 1 module operands and
     converts them to the default operating system's OLF object module format.

     The olf2elf utility reverses the process. The module operands are pro-
     cessed in command line order.

     The options are as follows:

     -v      Operate in verbose mode.

     -o opsys
             Specifies the operating system OLF tag opsys as follows:

                  openbsd   OpenBSD
                  netbsd    NetBSD
                  freebsd   FreeBSD
                  44bsd     4.4BSD
                  linux     Linux
                  svr4      AT&T System V Release 4
                  esix      esix UNIX
                  solaris   SunSoft Solaris
                  irix      SGI IRIX
                  sco       SCO UNIX
                  dell      Dell SVR4
                  ncr       NCR SVR4

     The elf2olf and olf2elf utilities exit 0 on success or >0 if an error oc-


     The elf2olf and olf2elf utilities first appeared in OpenBSD 2.1.


     Erik Theisen


     The ELF version 1 object module format lacks any real method to determine
     the native operating system for any given binary thus mandating the ex-
     istence of these tools. The converted binaries created by elf2olf will no
     longer execute on their native operating system, only on OLF enabled
     platforms, although olf2elf will undo the damage.

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