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DU(1)                        BSD Reference Manual                        DU(1)


     du - display disk usage statistics


     du [-a | -s] [-ckrx] [-H | -L | -P] [file ...]


     The du utility displays the filesystem block usage for each file argument
     and for each directory in the file hierarchy rooted in each directory ar-
     gument. Note that the system block usage is usually greater than the ac-
     tual size of the file. If no file is specified, the block usage of the
     hierarchy rooted in the current directory is displayed.

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Display an entry for each file in the file hierarchy.

     -c      Display the grand total after all the arguments have been pro-

     -H      Symbolic links on the command line are followed. (Symbolic links
             encountered in the tree traversal are not followed.)

     -k      By default, du displays the number of blocks as returned by the
             stat(2) system call, i.e., 512-byte blocks. If the -k flag is
             specified, the number displayed is the number of 1024-byte
             blocks. Partial numbers of blocks are rounded up.

     -L      All symbolic links are followed.

     -P      No symbolic links are followed.

     -r      Generate messages about directories that cannot be read, files
             that cannot be opened, and so on. This is the default case. This
             option exists solely for conformance with X/Open Portability
             Guide Issue 4 ("XPG4").

     -s      Display only the grand total for the specified files.

     -x      Filesystem mount points are not traversed.

     du counts the storage used by symbolic links and not the files they
     reference unless the -H or -L option is specified. If either the -H or -L
     options are specified, storage used by any symbolic links which are fol-
     lowed is not counted or displayed. The -H, -L, and -P options override
     each other and the command's actions are determined by the last one

     Files having multiple hard links are counted (and displayed) a single
     time per du execution.


     BLOCKSIZE  Block counts will be displayed in units of this size block,
                unless the -k option is specified.


     df(1), fts(3), symlink(7), quot(8)


     A du command appeared in Version 3 AT&T UNIX.

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