MirOS Manual: deroff(1)

DEROFF(1)                    BSD Reference Manual                    DEROFF(1)


     deroff - remove nroff/troff, eqn, pic and tbl constructs


     deroff [-ikpw] [-m a | e | l | m | s] [file ...]


     deroff reads each file in sequence and removes all nroff(1) and troff(1)
     command lines, backslash constructions, macro definitions, eqn(1) con-
     structs (between ".EQ" and ".EN" lines or between delimiters), pic(1)
     pictures, and table descriptions and writes the remainder to the standard
     output. deroff follows chains of included files
     (".so" and ".nx" commands); if a file has already been included, a ".so"
     is ignored and a ".nx" terminates execution. If no input file is given,
     deroff reads from the standard input.

     The options are as follows:

     -i      Ignore ".so" and ".nx" commands.

     -k      Keep blocks of text intact. This is the default behavior unless
             the -m option is given.

     -m      Enable support for common macro packages. The -m option takes the
             following arguments:

                   a       recognize man(7) macros.
                   e       recognize me(7) macros.
                   l       remove list constructs.
                   m       recognize mm(7) macros.
                   s       recognize ms(7) macros.

     -p      Preserve paragraph macros. This option only has an effect if the
             -m option is also specified.

     -w      Output a word list, one 'word' (string of letters, digits, and
             apostrophes, beginning with a letter; apostrophes are removed)
             per line, and all other characters ignored. Normally, the output
             follows the original, with the deletions mentioned above.


     eqn(1), nroff(1), pic(1), tbl(1), troff(1)


     deroff appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.


     deroff is not a complete troff(1) interpreter, so it can be confused by
     subtle constructs. Most errors result in too much rather than too little

     The -ml option does not correctly handle nested lists.

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