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TPUT(1)                      BSD Reference Manual                      TPUT(1)


     tput - terminal capability interface


     tput [-T term] attribute [attribute-args] ...
     tput [-T term] -S


     The tput utility makes terminal-dependent information available to users
     or shell applications. The clear utility clears your screen; it is
     equivalent to calling tput clear.

     The options are as follows:

     -T      The terminal name as found in the terminfo database; for example,
             "vt100" or "xterm". If not specified, tput retrieves the TERM
             variable from the environment.

     -S      The attributes are read from stdin instead of the command line.

     tput outputs a string if the attribute is of type string or a number if
     it is of type integer. If the attribute is of type boolean, tput exits 0
     if the terminal has the capability or 1 if it does not. Each attribute
     should be a string defined in either terminfo(5) or termcap(5).

     If the attribute is of type string and takes arguments (e.g., cursor
     movement, the terminfo "cup" sequence) the arguments are taken from the
     command line immediately following the attribute.

     The following special attributes are available:

     clear         Clear the screen (the terminfo "clear" sequence).

     init          Print the terminfo initialization strings for the specified

     longname      Print the descriptive name of the user's terminal type.

     reset         Reset the terminal (using the terminfo reset sequences).


     tput clear cup 5 10  clear the screen and goto line 5 column 10

     tput cup 6 11 dch 6  goto line 6 column 11 and delete 6 characters


     The exit value of tput is based on the last attribute specified. If the
     attribute is of type string or of type integer the exit value is as fol-

           0       The requested string was written successfully.
           2       Usage error.
           3       Unknown terminal type.
           4       Unknown attribute name.
           >4      An error occurred.

     If the attribute is of type boolean, tput exits with a value of 0 if the
     terminal has this attribute or 1 if it does not.


     terminfo(3), terminfo(5)


     The tput utility appeared in 4.4BSD.


     tput can't really distinguish between different types of attributes.

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