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CAP_MKDB(1)                  BSD Reference Manual                  CAP_MKDB(1)


     cap_mkdb - create capability database


     cap_mkdb [-civ] [-f outfile] file1 [file2 ...]


     cap_mkdb builds a hashed database out of the getcap(3) or terminfo(5)
     logical database constructed by the concatenation of the specified files.

     The database is named by the basename of the first file argument and the
     string ".db". The getcap(3) routines can access the database in this form
     much more quickly than they can the original text file(s).

     The "tc" capabilities of the records are expanded before the record is
     stored into the database.

     The options are as follows:

     -c      The last ("description") field of the first capability of the
             record is not stored as an indirect record, following both the
             termcap(5) and terminfo(5) specifications. Do not use this option
             if processing other capability databases, such as the vgrind(1)
             language descriptions, whose records' first field do not contain
             a comment.

     -f outfile
             Specify a different database basename.

     -i      Expect the capability records to be parsed to be in terminfo(5)

     -v      Print out the number of capability records in the database.

     Each record is stored in the database using two different types of keys.

     The first type is a key which consists of the first capability of the
     record (not including the trailing colon (':')) with a data field con-
     sisting of a special byte followed by the rest of the record. The special
     byte is either a 0 or 1, where a 0 means that the record is okay, and a 1
     means that there was a "tc" capability in the record that couldn't be ex-

     The second type is a key which consists of one of the names from the
     first capability of the record with a data field consisting a special
     byte followed by the first capability of the record. The special byte is
     a 2.

     In normal operation names are looked up in the database, resulting in a
     key/data pair of the second type. The data field of this key/data pair is
     used to look up a key/data pair of the first type which has the real data
     associated with the name.

     The cap_mkdb utility exits 0 on success or >0 if an error occurred.


     /usr/share/misc/termcap      uncompiled terminal capabilities file
     /usr/share/misc/termcap.db   terminal capabilities database
     /usr/share/misc/terminfo.db  terminal information database
     /etc/termcap                 symbolic link to /usr/share/misc/termcap


     dbopen(3), getcap(3), termcap(5), terminfo(5)

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