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CAL(1)                       BSD Reference Manual                       CAL(1)


     cal - displays a calendar


     cal [-jmwy] [month] [year]


     cal displays a simple calendar. Calendars may be displayed by month or by

     The options are as follows:

     -j      Display Julian dates (days one-based, numbered from January 1).
             The options -j and -w are mutually exclusive.

     -m      Display weeks starting on Monday instead of Sunday.

     -w      Display week numbers in the month display. If -m is specified the
             ISO week format is assumed. The options -j and -w are mutually

     -y      Display a calendar for the current year.

     A single numerical parameter specifies the year (1 - 9999) to be
     displayed. The year must be fully specified: "cal 89" will not display a
     calendar for 1989. Two parameters denote the month (1 - 12, or a month
     name or abbreviation thereof) and year. Alternatively, a single parameter
     may be given specifying the name or abbreviated name of a month: in that
     case a calendar is displayed for that month of the current year. If no
     parameters are specified, the current month's calendar is displayed.

     A year starts on January 1st.

     The Gregorian Reformation is assumed to have occurred in 1752 after the
     2nd of September. By this time, most countries had recognized the Refor-
     mation (although a few did not recognize it until the early 1900s).
     Eleven days following that date were eliminated by the Reformation, so
     the calendar for that month is a bit unusual.


     The cal utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.




     The cal utility is compliant with the X/Open System Interfaces option of
     the IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 ("POSIX.1") specification.

     The flags [-jmwy], as well as the ability to specify a month name as a
     single argument, are extensions to that specification.

     The week number computed by -mw is compliant with the ISO 8601 specifica-


     A cal command appeared in Version 1 AT&T UNIX.

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