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ADDBIB(1)                    BSD Reference Manual                    ADDBIB(1)


     addbib - create or extend bibliographic database


     addbib [-a] [-p promptfile] database


     When this program starts up, answering 'y' to the initial 'Instructions?'
     prompt yields directions; typing 'n' or 'RETURN' skips them. Addbib then
     prompts for various bibliographic fields, reads responses from the termi-
     nal, and sends output records to a database. A null response (just
     'RETURN') means to leave out that field. A minus sign '-' means to go
     back to the previous field. A trailing backslash allows a field to be
     continued on the next line. The repeating 'Continue?' prompt allows the
     user either to resume by typing 'y' or 'RETURN', to quit the current ses-
     sion by typing 'n' or 'q', or to edit the database with any system editor
     (.e.g. vi, ex, edit, ed).

     Options avilable:

     -a    The -a option suppresses prompting for an abstract; asking for an
           abstract is the default. Abstracts are ended with a 'CTRL-d'.

     -p    The -p option causes addbib to use a new prompting skeleton, de-
           fined in promptfile. This file should contain prompt strings, a
           tab, and the key-letters to be written to the database.

     The most common key-letters and their meanings are given below. Addbib
     insulates you from these key-letters, since it gives you prompts in En-
     glish, but if you edit the bibliography file later on, you will need to
     know this information.

           %A     Author's name
           %B     Book containing article referenced
           %C     City (place of publication)
           %D     Date of publication
           %E     Editor of book containing article referenced
           %F     Footnote number or label (supplied by refer)
           %G     Government order number
           %H     Header commentary, printed before reference
           %I     Issuer (publisher)
           %J     Journal containing article
           %K     Keywords to use in locating reference
           %L     Label field used by -k option of refer
           %M     Memorandum label
           %N     Number within volume
           %O     Other commentary, printed at end of reference
           %P     Page number(s)
           %Q     Corporate or Foreign Author (unreversed)
           %R     Report, paper, or thesis (unpublished)
           %S     Series title
           %T     Title of article or book
           %V     Volume number
           %X     Abstract - used by roffbib, not by refer
           %Y,Z   ignored by refer

     Except for 'A', each field should be given just once. Only relevant
     fields should be supplied.


           %A    Bill Tuthill
           %T    Refer - A Bibliography System
           %I    Computing Services
           %C    Berkeley
           %D    1982
           %O    UNX 4.3.5.


     promptfile  optional file to define prompting


     refer(1), sortbib(1), roffbib(1), indxbib(1), lookbib(1)


     Al Stangenberger, Bill Tuthill


     The addbib command appeared in 4.2BSD.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution     September 4, 2020                              1

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