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Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Downloading
  3. Installation
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  4. Using the system
  5. Administration
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  6. Ports & Packages
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Do you guys eat air or what?

Of course not. We do this as volunteer work besides our normal day job. You can help us by donating to support us personally. Since we already invest nearly all our spare time into MirOS, you cannot expect us to work harder on it or make earmarked donations, though.


Do you guys ever sleep?

Well... looking at the ChangeLogs, probably not. But take time zones into account, even though there were not only a few sleepless nights involved. If we didn't have to work during daytime, it was probably healthier for us.



Where is the BitTorrent server?

The MirOS torrents are hosted at a tracker we run on our MirBSD server and listed on the BitTorrent page of the project. The previous server, f.scarywater.net, no longer exists, as does openbittorrent.com.



Using the system

What about the number in my prompt?

Starting with MirOS #9, if the last command did not exit successfully (i.e. errorlevel 0, in *nix tongues), its exit status is displayed as the first component of the prompt ($PS1). If you want to clear that, enter a colon (:) and hit return.


Ports & Packages

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