Donating to the MirOS Project

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Donating to the MirOS Project

Considering to donate?

Thanks for considering to donate. You can contact the individual developers and send them money, preferably by wiring (for Germans: Banküberweisung). An alternative is using Paypal which is not throughoutly tested, and – as usual, if a third party gets involved – may lead to problems, such as your donation being lost.

After a successful donation, you may be listed below – this is an opt-in, and you must explicitly state that. Please note that some persons who donate webhosting, domains etc. are not listed on this page; they can be found here instead..

Support through partnership

Google has terminated tg@'s account just before the first payment was about to be issued (I had accumulate about 140 USD I think) due to "abuse" – I know I haven't abused the system and didn't ask someone to, so I don't know what to think about it. I've sent an enquiring eMail but didn't get any reponse at all and since I can't login I don't have access to the statistics for researching this either. Sorry guys. If everyone of you sends an € via eg. PayPal it'll help even better, not support a monopoly, and one Euro doesn't hurt you either.

Non-monetary donations

Of course, we're always interested in other things as well. Travel expenses, food at the exhibitions, hardware (please don't ask us to support other architectures than sparc32, i386, maybe amd64, possibly macppc/socppc or some arm/mips embedded stuff!).

Offline donations

For wiring money please contact the developers directly, preferably by phone or eMail. It's generally considered unsafe to leave the bank account data on the www. You may also contact the mailing list for all developers and ask.

Please do not send large amounts of money through snail mail, as it can easily get lost. Please don't send currencies other than the Euro (€) to European developers either.

Online donations

Note: it’s unknown whether the below form still works. Send Paypal things to directly.

Donate to tg@ using
(I should probably put up an English-only language version of this, but Paypal won't let me. Please do not ask if you can donate in different currencies than € – I accept only the Euro ;) You can drop in foreign money, it will however have to be converted.
I used to have a Paybox account, but after the acquisition by Moxmo, I lost interest and trust in that, and Moxmo shut the whole thing down later anyway.

Donations received so far

(in no particular order)

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