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Donating to MirBSD

Considering to donate?

Thanks for considering to donate. You can directly contact the developer (mirabilos) and send money, preferably by wiring (German “Banküberweisung”). Non-monetary donations such as travel expenses, accomodations and food at conferences, some hardware (please check first!) are also welcome help.

If you wish (please opt-in explicitly) you’ll be listed below as having donated afterwards. (Note some sponsors donating server hosting or similar are listed on that page instead.)

Offline donations

For wiring money please contact the developers directly, preferably by phone or eMail. It's generally considered unsafe to leave the bank account data on the www. You may also contact the mailing list for all developers and ask; please note the EU-DSGVO/GDPR notice first.

Please do not send large amounts of money through snail mail, as it can easily get lost. Please don't send currencies other than the Euro (€) to European developers either.

If your bank does not reasonably support this (e.g. too high fees) and you don’t like Paypal, one donation went successful like this: they got Euro banknotes from their local bank, wrapped them inside the enclosing letter, wrapped that in black cardboard, put that into an envelope and snail-mailed that (for an amazing US$1.15 postage) to me. It did avoid US$60 bank fees, but, as stated above, money can be lost in transit, so I’m documenting it as a path of last resort.

Online donations is the easiest way to get money to me online or from outside the EU.

Donations received so far

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