2006 snapshots of MirOS-current

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2006 snapshots of MirOS-current

⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

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Changes relative to the 2006-02-15 snapshot below:

This snapshot has been published as ISO9660 image on FOSDEM 2006 and via BitTorrent. It primarily updates OpenSSH for security reasons and also fixes a few other bugs and cleans up the code. Update: the www/php port is broken, cvs up it please.

Changes relative to the 2006-01-13 snapshot below:

This snapshot primarily adds new features, such as libiconv in the base system (and its fallout), removal of precompiled header files, gzfopen(3) to cope with gzipped kernel changes, etc. It also contains some changes in base and ports infrastructure to "do things the right way". Attention: scp(1) CVE-2006-0225 is not yet fixed in this snapshot. HTML manual pages are finally correct again. We expect this snapshot to behave better than MirOS #8 in most regards, except for being very experimental (esp. ports).

Changes relative to the 2006-01-03 snapshot below:

This snapshot also cleans up the codebase even more, but its primary focus is to wipe out even more bugs in the infrastructure, single programmes and ports. It has been developed for and with and while initialising the new dedicated server. There are still some known issues (and that securelevel bug I have no idea what is a correct fix anyway), but it's quite good. This one also comes with a ports set which has been used for upgrading #8 as well.

Announcement relative to the MirOS #8semel release, not to the MirOS #8-beta 2005-12-07 snapshot:

This quick follow-up snapshot focuses on cleaning up the code after the release was out of the door and got broader exposure. It also, as a result of the Hackathon at the 22C3, corresponds to a much better working ports framework. The ld(1) bug fix, together with DT_RPATH (-Wl,-rpath and -Wl,-rpath-link usage), should allow shared libraries to depend on each other (not a good thing if you have static arches, but we don't). Some old support code and legacy tools (like useradd) were removed for cleanliness. After all, the release and this snapshot are something to be content with.

That's all for 2006, folks.

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