2005 snapshots of MirOS-current

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2005 snapshots of MirOS-current

⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

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Announcement relative to the 2005-04-20 snapshot below:

While this snapshot has not throughoutly been tested for security fixes, it contains major bug fixes (as well as both code and documentation cleanup, among other things) and, finally, enables users to "get the BSD experience" again... I had to point people to other BSDs or tell them to wait, sadly. Meet your personal bunch of BSD developers at 22C3.

Detailed list of changes from the 2005/03/30 snapshot below:

This snapshot contains major security improvements, thus its installation is highly recommended for all MirOS users. Several experimental features have been enabled as well, thus testing and reporting errors is compulsory. C++ probably still does not work. Do not use telnet(1), it's still vulnerable. Use ssh(1) or nc(1) instead, or openssltool(1) c_client if you must speak TLS/SSL.
Our webpage now contains Google advertising and search; we have integrated them into our design and hope they do not disturb too much. As a byproduct, the CSS and overall layout has greatly improved, and the new default ("m*zilla") stylesheet is usable now.
We still have three white MirShirts #1 and several black MirShirts #2 in various sizes for sale, contact tg@ if you are interested. We would also like to invite you to visit our joint booth with Holarse at the LinuxTag.

Detailed list of changes from the 2005/01/27 snapshot below:

This release includes major feature enhancements and enables users to develop against a system which is very similar to what will be released as MirOS #8, already at this time, although C++ support is still broken. It also addresses overall stability, security, integrity, performance and portability issues and features a lot more subprojects and better integration into a common Unix® environment. Users are urged to update to this snapshot as soon as possible if they are running a 2005/01 snapshot, and as soon as feasible if they are running a 2004/11 snapshot.
The next snapshot will be a major security release, because this snapshot concentrated on integrating the whole CVS repository into a new, overall better, build system and enabling as many features as we could with the existing source code, as well as getting the damn thing out of our doors, leaving no time to pick and test the security and bug fixes from OpenBSD and other upstream vendors.

Detailed list of changes from the 2005/01/22 snapshot below:

This bug-fix release addresses a few shortcomings which appeared after heavy-scale testing the 2005/01/22 snapshot as well as some bugs we discovered before but were unable to hunt down (ssh dumping core). There is a ports checkout in the torrent and download directory now, too.

Detailed list of changes from the 2004/11/29 snapshot below:

This feature release focuses on reducing diffs to upstream in places where we have upstream releases (the BSDs, FSF, XF86) and modernising the upstream versions we use (except OpenBSD core which is still at May 2004 state). There was also a huge number of removals for code cleanliness, and bug fixes for gcc 3.4.4 compatibility. This snapshot is a feature preview, but the first one worthy to be considered MirOS #8 pre-beta stage, leaving alpha stadium.

That's all for 2005, folks.

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