2004 snapshots of MirOS-current

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2004 snapshots of MirOS-current

⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

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Detailed list of changes from the not published 11/21 snapshot below:

This release's focus clearly lies on bug fixes, although there are some simplifications and some new features (to support more correct code and more error checking). This snapshot covers a flag day again, so you must recompile all of your ports after updating. (Updates from #7 or -current before the time_t switch are still not covered; remove /usr/lib before attempting to do so.)
This snapshot can be retrieved either via BitTorrent or on most http direct download mirrors. The tarball contains latest MirPorts, source for the base system and XFree86™, a bootable floppy and CD ISO image, the installation and installed kernel and installation sets.

Detailled list of changes from the last snapshot, dated 25.10.2004:

This release focuses on bug fixes and reliability. There has been a flag day, so you must recompile all your ports. The snapshot comes with pkgutils, ports, source for base and XFree86™ as well as the usual kernel, installation kernel, installation sets and boot kernel floppy. The snapshot can be downloaded via BitTorrent or http from most mirrors.
Attention: There is a bug on both ramdisk kernels, bsd.rd and floppy8.fs, because the "touch" command is not contained on the ramdisk. If you intend to do anything else than bare installing, switch to (S)hell first and issue # echo -n >/.profile.done first.

That's all for 2004, folks.

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