Anonymous CVS access to the MirOS repository

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Anonymous CVS access to the MirOS repository

⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

What is anonCVS?

#include <nice_blurb_about_what_anoncvs_is.h>
#include <nice_blurb_about_what_anonrsync_is.h>

As you may have noticed, our website is still pretty a mess. There are more detailed information about AnonCVS on the Other BSD guys place.

AnonCVS servers

Please see the list on the Mirrors page for all known anonCVS and anonRSYNC servers as well as their update period.

How to AnonRSYNC

At the moment, this information is in a state of flux. In the future, you will be able to use as rsync or anoncvs mirror. Please bear with us.

Using as anonRSYNC server:
The following command line could be used to mirror the entire CVS repository, or download area, respectively. Please do not make excessive use of the rsync command, since it imposes a lot of traffic.
Please consider using a recent (2016-01-17) snapshot tarball (gzsig(1)d) of the CVS Repository (or for the old CVSROOT, the final snapshot from 2006-01-20) as a base for rsync use in order to speed up the initial synchronisation and reduce load and traffic on the servers. These files are, of course, gzsig(1)d.

nice rsync --delete -rxlztpgHK --rsync-path=/bin/rsync \ /var/anoncvs/cvs/
nice rsync --delete -rxlztpgHK --rsync-path=/bin/rsync \ /var/anoncvs/ocvs/
nice rsync --delete -rxlztpgHK --rsync-path=/bin/rsync \ /var/anoncvs/ncvs/
nice rsync --delete -rxlztpgHK --rsync-path=/bin/rsync \ /var/www/htdocs/MirOS/
nice rsync --delete -rxlztpgHK --rsync-path=/bin/rsync \ /var/www/htdocs/Pkgs/

Please be sure to check for problems (the CVS snapshot might contain lock files, because our way of mirroring isn't fully optimised yet), and not modify the command line (-vP should be not problematic; -a is not needed, and -c is too traffic and load intensive so its use is prohibited), especially do add a trailing slash on the server path and do not add one on the client path!
Let me repeat it: the server used is just an example, look at the list.

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