You’ve likely been pointed here for one of those reasons:

  1. Discussion over Terms of Service for (code) hosting platforms. In this case you can just skip to the lists.
  2. I requested you to publish some work under “CC0, sublicenseable under any Free Licence”. In this case, read on.

The problem with Public Domain is that my country doesn’t permit owners of copyright (and related rights) to fully relinquish their rights (and duties) related to a work, i.e. put them voluntarily into the Public Domain (to protect creatives from being exploited), but if you allow me (and others) to sublicense, you issue an explicit licence (just take it, I waive everything, use any Free licence from the lists below) that I (and others) can use. (Note: someone once tried to assign ownership of a work to me, which, unfortunately, similarly is not possible under the law I’m in. Just agree to the very liberal licence, which means you can still assign to PD when possible while giving us a fallback licence choice.)

The ideal text to use is:

I, name, hereby publish this work under CC0 and additionally permit recipients of the fallback licence (CC0 § 3) to sublicense any copyright, patent and neighbouring rights, including those not arising from copyright law such as the EU Community Design, necessary for dealing with the work under any licence appearing in one of the lists in the list of lists of Free licences.

Free Licence lists

The following links refer to lists of Free licences according to various standards (such as the Open Source Definition, the Copyfree Standard, the Open Knowledge Definition, the FSF’s, etc.) at various bodies’ websites.

Note: this list is intended to only include Free licences conforming to commonly accepted standards of Freedom (Free Software, Open Source, Free Cultural Works, Copyfree); any non-Free licences (such as, but not limited to, those pointed out in the linked-to lists under the headings “Other Software Licenses”, “Other Licenses for Fair Use of Immaterial Goods”, “DFSG-incompatible”, “Non-Conformant Licenses”, “Nonfree Software Licenses”, “Nonfree Documentation Licenses”, “Licenses for Works stating a Viewpoint”, “Invariant sections”, or e.g. the Creative Commons -NC and -ND modules) are explicitly not included as is the “Unlicense” (whose presence on the Copyfree, Fedora and FSF licence lists and recent consideration for approval by OSI might cause publishing a curated list here), which is not even a licence (PD dedication, no grant)!

Note that, while this list is subject to change, and the contents of the linked lists is subject to change, I promise to only add lists of licences according to the generally accepted principles of Freeness (OSI, DFSG, FSF for code and OKFN for non-code and Copyfree generally) and to exclude only these that are not proper licences conformant to those respective standards.

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